Holistic Nutrition Counseling

Do you want to change your relationship with food, your body, or your health? Do you want to protect your kids from having the same experiences you’ve had? Or are you concerned about the experience they’re having already?

If you’re dealing with stress, anxiety, or overwhelm from a health-related issue, it can really interfere with the life you want to live. The weight of it all can feel paralyzing, and I’m here to help you shift it.

This is a safe space for you to show up and bring all parts of yourself. We can start where you are right now. I will listen to you and provide guidance and support as you embark on a transformational journey.

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Are any of these true for you?

These are some of the things my clients want help with.

Children with special healthcare needs

Developmental delays & feeding issues

TTC, pregnant, postpartum, or new motherhood

Therapeutic elimination diets & food sensitivities

Navigating grief (emotional eating, supportive herbs)

Women’s health

Intuitive Eating & Health at Every Size

Disordered eating & eating disorder recovery

Living well with chronic illness

End of life & terminal illness support

You’ve come to the right place

I understand the science and current recommendations, and I also understand reality and the hard things you’re facing. I can help you gain clarity and create inner peace so you can become an empowered eater and foster wellbeing within your family.

About Stephanie

Stephanie takes a truly holistic, mind-body-spirit approach to everything. She is a nurturer by nature, and through her personal and professional experiences has learned the importance of radical self-love. She believes that through the practice of connecting deeply with all parts of ourselves, we can ease suffering, transform our pain, and move through life more whole than we were before.